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Summa E-rate Bidding Opportunities (click on the Bid Number/470 below to read opportunity).

Bid No./470School Bid NameDate PostedStateCategory
230001605/112B_23Cole Academy10/26/2022MICAT 2
230003090/113A_23Children’s Community School10/27/2022CACAT 1
230003175Mrs. Manners Childcare10/27/2022FLCAT 2
230003758/114A-23Hope Elementary School District

11/8/2022CACAT 1
23003905/115A-23Berean Christian Academy11/9/2022FLCAT 1
230005015/116A-23Trivium Charter11/17/2022CACAT 1
230007381/117A-23Partnership Schools of the Central Coast12/6/2022CACAT 1
230007206/118B-23Alpha Charter of Excellence12/8/2022FLCAT 2
230013369/120B-23Ballard Elementary School District1/12/2023CACAT 2
230011417/120B-23Cole Academy1/9/2023CACAT 2
Alpha Charter of Excellence1/20/2023CACAT 2
230023276/124B-23VISTA DEL MAR UN ELEM SCH DIST2/26/2023CACAT 2
230022914/123B-23Ballard Elementary School District2/24/2023CACAT 2
230022562Cole Academy2/24/2023CACAT 2